Q: Do I need to own a firearm to join the club?

A: No, you do not need to own a firearm as the club has firearms that will be available for use by members or hired by guests on a first-come-first serve basis.

Q: Can the club assist me to licence a firearm?

A: The club will offer basic competency certificate and recommendation to licence a firearm

Q: Can females join the club?

A: Females are welcome and encouraged to join the club. However, pregnant women will not be allowed at the range for health reasons. Therefore, once a female becomes pregnant they will need to seek leave of absence from shooting exercises from the Club administrator.

Q: Does the club sell firearms and ammunition?

A: The club sells firearms and ammunition to its member and to the public, for online sales visit www.grabit-zim.com or our shop.

Q: Can I buy firearms by lay bye?

A: Members of the club may pay for firearms in upto 6 months lay bye agreements

Q: Does the club provide safe keeping for firearms?

A: If a member owns or wishes to own a firearm but do not wish to keep them at their house, the club can provide safekeeping services at a small fee that will be advised.

Q: I wish to apply for a security job, can the club provide me with a recommendation?

A: The club will provide recommendations to its members who may wish to secure armed security jobs in Zimbabwe or anywhere in the world.

Q: Who pays for firearms or ammunition I use during shooting exercises?

A: If you are a member firearms will be provided by the club for free and you will only need to pay for ammunition. The club will reload its own ammunition to ensure that the costs of ammunition are very minimal to the members. If one is not a member of the club, they will need to hire a firearm (USD10 per firearm) and purchase their own ammunition from the Club. Ammunition will only be provided to shootists for free during sponsored competitions.

Q: Do the course fees include firearm hires and ammunition?

A: No, for all courses that require shooting exercises and assessments students will need to hire firearms and purchase ammunition separately. The cost of hiring firearms is USD10 per firearm and the cost of ammunition will depend on the caliber and quality.

Q: Can I bring my family for shooting exercises or competitions?

A: Family or children may be brought to the range during fun shoots and competitions only. Other adult guests (spouses, relatives or friends) may be brought to the range after obtaining permission to do so from the Club Administrator 48 hours before the shooting exercises.

Q: Does the club guarantees my safety at the range during shooting exercises or competitions?

A: The club will endeavour to ensure high safety standards at the range; however, exercises or competitions will be entered at one’s own risk.

Q: What happens if I get injured at the range?

A: The range officers will provide first aid to injured shootists and will arrange for transportation of injured shootists to the nearest health facility if need be.

Q: What is the minimum attendance of Club functions required from members to renew their membership?

A: The minimum attendance of all members to Club activities (shooting exercises and competitions) is 60% per annum. However, if a member is unable to achieve 60% attendance they will need to seek approval from the Club board and documentary evidence will be required to prove their case. Failure to achieve 60% attendance without approval from the Club board may result in refusal to renew membership for subsequent years.

Q: Does the Club offer corporate memberships?

A: The Club will provide discounts for at least 5 members coming under one organization; however each individual member will have to fill their own application and satisfy requirements of the club.